Makrys Gialos

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On the beaches of the Libyan sea, in eastern Crete, the visitor can enjoy the sun and the sea, the beauty of the scenery, the sights, the local cuisine and the residents’ warm hospitality. Therein lies Makrys Gialos, a popular tourist resort with golden beaches and crystal clear waters, to the south of the Lasithi prefecture.

Makrys Gialos has a centuries old history. Remnants of the Minoan and Greco-Roman era and a lot of monuments can be found everywhere. Of particular interest is Koufonisi, a small, dry island with significant archaeological finds and of important commercial activities as a trading center in ancient years. Anyone bent on exploring it can board the daily cruise to Koufonisi from the port of Makrys Gialos.

Nowadays Makrys Gialos is a large and lively modern village. Along the coast, hotels, villas, apartments and rooms offer their hospitality to visitors, while in the picturesque taverns you can enjoy fresh seafood from the Libyan sea and the unique flavours of the traditional Cretan cuisine. On the golden beaches swimming, sunbathing and beach games are a pleasure to savour, and once the sun sets and night begins, the cafes along the beach offer endless fun and entertainment till the early morning light.

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