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Agios Nikolaos beaches are:



AMMOUDI. Inside Agios Nikolaos, 800 meters north of the center, lies the beach of Ammoudi. An organized beach (recliners, umbrellas etc) with a plethora of water sports available. A positive fact about the beach is that it’s not affected by the wind and waves, as it is located inside a large cove. The beach is sandy and the water clear and shallow. This makes it ideal for children. Don’t forget to visit the Byzantine Church of Agios Nikolaos, which provided the name for the city, that is located next to the beach, at the edge of cape Nisi. Its murals are outstanding. It was built in the 7th century AD and is the oldest one in Crete.






KITROPLATEA BEACH. In a hair’s breadth distance from the center of the city, is the sandy beach of Kitroplatea. Another organized beach with very clear water. We recommend that after your swim, you sit down in one of the little taverns in the paved roads of Kitroplatea, located right next to the beach. They’re ideal for food or ouzo and some snacks.




AMMOS. South of the beach of Kitroplatea, 500 meters to the south of the center of the city, is the beach of Ammos. It’s a large sandy beach, organized, with shallow peaceful water. Water sports are available, while at the surrounding area, you can find a number of tourist shops.






PUBLIC BEACH. Further south from the beach of Ammos, is the Public Bleach. The beach is pebbled and is ideal to enjoy your swim and your sunbathing, quietly. There is also a golf course, a swimming pool for adults and children and a cafeteria-bar. The surrounding area is lined with lawn and lots of trees, making it excellent for a walk.







ALMIROS. Almiros is the finest and largestbeachofAgios Nikolaos. Located 2.5 kilometers south of the center, inside a large cove. The surrounding area is filled with the reed beds of the river Almiros. The water is really shallow, therefore children can swim without any fear. For the grown-ups, there are cantinas for coffee and sodas. The beach is utterly organized.






AMMOUDARA. 4 kilometers south of the city, lies another amazing beach, Ammoudara. An organized sandy beach with crystal-clear water. Here, you can find great little taverns and rooms-to-rent. During the weekends, it’s filled with people, while it’s a lot quieter during the weekdays.






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