Cretans, apart from their unique civilization and their special dialect, also have a very special cuisine. Its main characteristics are the pure local ingredients and the outstanding olive oil. It’s a Mediterranean cuisine, nutritious, richly flavored and beneficial to the health. To be exact, Cretan cuisine is the basis of the Mediterranean cuisine.

In Lasithi, dinner consists of fruits, vegetables and cheeses. Legumes are usually the main course, two to three times a week, and fish are consumed at least once per week. The Cretans’ favorite type of meat is rabbit, along with pork. We encourage you to try out:

  • Kochlioi(snails) “boumbouristoi”. Fried snails, garnished with French fries.
  • Rabbit with wine. Cooked in the pot, with a soft scent of red wine.
  • “Gamopilafo”. A dish based on rice that’s usually served in weddings.
  • “Kouloukopsomo”. Dried bread with olive oil, tomato, feta cheese and olive oils
  • “Arnaki(lamb) frikase” with artichokes.
  • Fava
  • Greek salad.



  • “Kalitsounia”
  • “Xerotigana”
  • Pancakes

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