Makris Gialos beaches

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Some of the best beaches in Crete can be found in Makrys Gialos. The main beach of Makrys Gialos located in front of the village is approximately 1 kilometer long, sandy, and has been awarded the Blue Flag.  Its unique characteristic is that it’s relatively shallow, a fact that makes it ideal for young children, as well as the fact that you’ll rarely get to see waves. Recliners and umbrellas are available for free. Water sports enthusiasts will find everything they need as well. Further to the west, lies the beach of Kalamokania, with a little bit deeper sea. To the east, you can find Lagoufa, an equally worthwhile beach without recliners and with less people.


Two kilometers to the east of Makris Gialos, lies Diaskari. A large, sandy beach, without recliners. The sea is outstanding. You can find shade in a few spots. At the end of the beach, you can find a cave in the cliff, ideal for protection against the sun. Right next to the cave, there is a trail that climbs up the hill and leads to another beach, Lagada with its big tamarices. Upon reaching Diaskari, at the beginning of the beach, you can find a tavern located right by the sea, which is not all that expensive. Try out the seafood snacks and ouzo under the tamarices, with a view of the Libyan Sea.




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