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Mochlos, located 27 km west of Sitia, is a small, picturesque, coastal village, at the northern coast of Lasithi, ideal for quiet and relaxing vacation. Mochlos is rich in history and there are a lot of remarkable archaeological monuments, spread out the whole area, as well as taverns at the shore, great hotels, rooms-to-rent and trails for hiking.

Mochlos is a “raw” destination, without many tourists. Generally, the village rhythms are slow, without much noise or crowding. The village is filled with tourists only during August, when visitors from the surrounding area come here for daily trips, to drink some raki with seafood snacks at the picturesque taverns, listening to the crashing of the waves and with Konida as a background, the small island across from the village, that floads close to its “mother”, an island a bit farther to the west, Psira.

In Konida, you can find important archaeological findings of the Minoan era (3500 BC) and you can reach the island by boat or by… swimming! In the antiquity, this island was merely the end of the peninsula on which the Minoan settlement of Mochlos was built. Unfortunately, the tidal wave caused by the eruption of the volcano of Santorini (Thera), in 1600 BC, caused the peninsula to collapse and the village to be destroyed. If dive with a mask from the village towards Konida, you will be able to see some of the ruins on the seabed. The distance to the island is approximately 150 meters with a depth of no more than 3 meters.

The sea is crystal-clear, but the beaches are lined with pebbles and rocks. If you are a lover of diving, the depth of Mochlos will enchant you. Many come here for the opportunity to windsurf. In the area called Limenaria, you will find an amazing tavern, while if you get a bit farther away, you will reach the motocross track.

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