Welcome to Lasithi Plateau

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The Plateau of Lasithi is the favorite destination for many visitors from all around the world. IT’s located at the west end of the prefecture of Lasithi, 40 kilometers west of Agios Nikolaos, at an altitude of 850 meters, covering an expansion of 25.000 acres. It’s surrounded by the mountains of Dikteo Andro, Selena and Afendis Christos. In the Lasithi Plateau there are 18 picturesque villages that are all worth visiting. They’re built at the foothills of the surrounding mountains and are connected by a circular road, 23 kilometers long, ideal for cycling since it has no large slopes.

The trademark of the Plateau is its windmills, which, with their white cloth parts, compose a beautiful scenery, an extraordinary view that is hard to forget. Once upon a time, there were more than 12000 windmills, but during the course of the years, a lot of them were abandoned. Outside the windmills, however, there are a lot of natural and historical monuments that impress the visitors and leave them with the fondest of memories. It’s remarkable, how this small area concentrates so many and important historical facts and sights, such as the Cave of Psichros, where Zeus was born and the ruins of the Minoan civilization of Eteocretes, in Karfi.

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