Welcome to Sitia

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Sitia is the eastern-most town in Crete, built amphitheatrically on the hill of Bonda, right next to the sea, with a population of approximately 10.000 people. The moderate touristic growth has not altered the picturesque feeling, tradition and tranquility of … Continued

Why visit Sitia

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The area of Sitia is blessed by nature and history. If you love the sea, this is the place to find the clearest seas, the most beautiful and quiet beaches. If you like water sports, you will find facilities in … Continued

Must see

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        The most important sights of Sitia and the surrounding area are:       The Venetian fort of Kazarma that oversees the city and offers fantastic view. It was attacked numerous times, by pirates, during the … Continued

Move around

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The Heraklion – Lasithi KTEL (bus service), provides transportation with frequent routes and modern buses. For more details, press here. We recommend that you rent a car to have the ease of transport, both time-wise and space-wise. A lot of … Continued


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The city of Sitia has a port and an airport. By Plane: Sitia is connected via airplane with Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorini, Rhodes, Kassos, Karpathos, Aktio and Alexandroupoli. By Charter flight, routes will be available directly for countries abroad as well. … Continued


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Sitia Cuisine. Setting itself apart from the rest is the Cretan cuisine. In Sitia, tradition is upheld in gastronomy and the Sitians’ food is one of the healthiest and most delicious kinds in theMediterranean Sea. Traditional plates include: Kochlioi (snails). … Continued


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The area of Sitia was first settled during the Neolithic era (3.500 BC). During the Minoan period (2800 BC – 1050 BC), the area blossomed and was at the time called Itia or Itida. Its exact location was never discovered. … Continued


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Mochlos, located 27 km west of Sitia, is a small, picturesque, coastal village, at the northern coast of Lasithi, ideal for quiet and relaxing vacation. Mochlos is rich in history and there are a lot of remarkable archaeological monuments, spread out … Continued