Beaches in Lasithi

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In Lasithi, there are a lot of beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters, some organized, some not, some more public, others more secluded. Most of them can be found in the eastern and southern coast. By motorcycle or car, you will … Continued


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Approximately 12 kilometers outside of Agios Nikolaos, towards Sitia, lies Istros (or Boulisma as it is also called). A marvelous beach, worth a stop for a quick dive. White sand and clear-blue water, with green slopes, compose a background that … Continued


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The area of Sitia was first settled during the Neolithic era (3.500 BC). During the Minoan period (2800 BC – 1050 BC), the area blossomed and was at the time called Itia or Itida. Its exact location was never discovered. … Continued


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A short distance from Vai, towards the cavo Sidero, lies the beach of Erimoupoli; sandy and surrounded by mountains and cliffs. The sea is probably the clearest you have ever seen, with its rich – relatively deep – seabed. The beach … Continued

Sitia beach

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The beach of Sitia has been awarded the Blue Flag. It extends from the picturesque city port, to the area of Petras, a distance of two kilometers. The beach is sandy and the sea relatively deep but clear. The view … Continued


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Elounda is a small town 12 km north of Agios Nikolaos. Elounda is the most tourism-developed area of Lasithi, with many great and extra luxury resorts. It is the area with most 5 stars hotels and resorts in Greece. Elounda, … Continued


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Mochlos, located 27 km west of Sitia, is a small, picturesque, coastal village, at the northern coast of Lasithi, ideal for quiet and relaxing vacation. Mochlos is rich in history and there are a lot of remarkable archaeological monuments, spread out … Continued


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The beach of Goudouras is located in front of the homonymous settlement, at the southeastern edge of Crete. There are no recliners and umbrellas at the beach, however, bathers can visit the cafeterias and taverns, located right next to the … Continued