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A short distance from Vai, towards the cavo Sidero, lies the beach of Erimoupoli; sandy and surrounded by mountains and cliffs. The sea is probably the clearest you have ever seen, with its rich – relatively deep – seabed. The beach is filled with people during the summer, despite the fact that it’s the farthest beach from the city of Sitia (25 minutes by car). Make sure to bring along water with you, since there are no cafeterias here, and of course, no recliners or umbrellas. Shade can be found on one side, under the cliff. To reach the beach, park your car at the parking lot and climb the hill to your left, while facing the sea. The trails will lead you to your destination. The distance is approximately 100 meters long. Arriving, you will see in front of the parking lot, a small beach, with rocks and pebbles and a small marina for boats. To your right, you can find a tamarix where trailers are usually parked. Behind the tamarix, you can find an outdoors shower with freshwater. On the hill to your right, while facing the sea, are located the ruins of the ancient settlement of Erimoupoli. Erimoupoli was built on the edge of the peninsula, which, unfortunately, settled and led to the sinking of Erimoupoli. Some of the ancient ruins remained intact on top of the hill. The underwater civilization is still easily visible from the surface, using a simple water-mask and is located really close to the shore. Equip yourselves with a water-mask, a snorkel and your flippers and enjoy your exploration of the underwater wonder.

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