Zou’s spring

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In the village of Zou, pours out a spring which is known as Zou’s spring. From that spring, the entire Municipality of Sitia has been receiving its supply of water, since 1911. Located 7 kilometers away from Sitia, it’s a beautiful place for hiking and pick-nicks, under the enormous plane tree, whose shade keeps the place cool in the blazing heat of the summer. The water gushing through the rocks is crystal clear, obviously drinkable and extremely cool. Numerous locals come here with bottles and containers and fill them for personal consumption.

A little bit before the village, on the right side of the road, you can find an ancient Minoan farm, which was discovered during the digs conducted by archeologist N. Platon in 1955. It’s worth making a stop here.

While until recently, the spring water used to pour in to the river Pantelis and end up in the sea, nowadays, it will be concentrated at the new dam which is being constructed in the area south of Piskokefalo, in order to exploit it much more efficiently.




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