Richtis gorge

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Richtis gorge is a wonderful little gorge, located just 17 kilometers west of Sitia, or 48 kilometers east of Agios Nikolaos, in the village Exo Mouliana. It’s an ideal place for walking, for those that love taking walks in nature but aren’t equipped or properly trained, since the trail is quite easy (even ground) and relatively short (4km).

A small river crosses the gorge. Its water pour out from the ground in different places and end up in the sea, at the rocky beach of Richtis. What makes the Richtis gorge so unique is the impressive plant-life you can find throughout the entire way, consisting mostly of gigantic plane trees and walnut trees. Under the heavy shade of the vegetation, walking is absolutely enjoyable.

Beginning your walk in the village Exo Mouliana, after about 20 minutes of walking, you will meet the arched bridge of Lachanas and you will cross under it. Built in the 19th century, it still stands, carrying on its back the area’s visitors. On this bridge, dozens of Turks were slaughtered by the Christians, when during the population shift between Greece and Turkey they crossed this bridge, heading for Sitia to board ships headed toTurkey.

On your way to the sea, you will see the ruins of the old watermills, where the villages used to grind their grain, and a large stone oven with drawings that tell of the Turks passing from the island.

The gorge’s most important sight will appear before you once you climb down the large wooden staircase. The Richtis waterfall, which gave its name to the entire gorge. The water falls from a height of 20 meters and little ponds form in numerous places. It’s worth taking a dive in the lake’s cold water and to sit under the pouring waterfall. The landscape is truly like being in a tropical forest.

If you decide to carry on walking towards the sea, you will reach the beach in about 40 minutes. The beach is not good. There are large rocks and the sea is often ridden with waves. However, you can find stone tables and benches under the tamarices to sit down, and a stone tap with spring water. There are no other facilities at the beach.

On the way back, we recommend that you follow the gorge trail again, since the road is steep, monotonous and exposed to the sun.

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