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The beaches of Ierapetra are outstanding. Most of them have gray sand. Others are lined with pebbled and some of them mix pebbles with sand. Their common characteristic is that the sea in each place is absolutely fantastic. Deep blue and crystal-clear water with great clarity, awarded with numerous Blue Flags of the European Union.

IERAPETRA. Right in front of the center of the city, the east beach of Agios Andreas, the south beach of fort Kales and the west crowded beach are ideal for swimming, sunbathing, drinking coffee and relaxing. They’re organized beaches with fine sand and deep blue clear water. In some parts you might find rocks. The majority of water sports is available at the beach next to the fort.

AGIA FOTIA OF IERAPETRA (HOLY FLAME OF IERAPETRA). Agia Fotia of Ierapetra is located 13 kilometers east of Ierapetra. The beach is sandy with  a few pebbles. There are umbrellas and recliners on the sand, while at the edge of the beach, you can find rooms-to-rent, a restaurant and a beach bar.

MYRTOS. The sandy beach of Myrtos is located in front of the homonymous village, which even though is a farm village, is growing quite fast and the tourist facilities are quite satisfactory. It’s located at the south coast of Lasithi, close to the borders with the prefecture of Heraklion, 25 kilometers west of Ierapetra. The sea is crystal-clear and relatively deep. A big advantage it possesses unlike the beaches of the surrounding area, is that it’s well protected by the wind that blows during the summer. An idea beach for relaxing. In the village, you can find great taverns and restaurants, cafeterias and tourist-shops.

KOUTSOUNARI. At a distance of 10 kilometers east of Ierapetra is Koutsounari, a beach with fine sand. The locals call it the Great Beach, due to its size. The water is relatively shallow. Koutsounari is partly organized, meaning that some parts of the beach are lined with recliners, umbrellas etc. and some others aren’t. There are, however, enough trees for shade.

FERMA. Next to Koutsounari (to the east), you can find the area of Ferma with the homonymous beach. The beach in Ferma is perfectly organized. A positive aspect of the beach is that it’s not affected by wind or waves.

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