Ancient Latos

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East of Agios Nikolaos, 3km north of Kritsa, lie the ruins of an important ancient city, Latos. Latos was first populated in the Minoan period, as the archeological findings show us. The walls of the buildings that still stand are dated in the 4th-5th century BC. It’s one of the most important archeological sites inCrete, ever since it was discovered, and it’s been kept in very good condition.

Its named after the goddess Litos, who was worshiped by the locals. However, the city’s matron deity was the goddess Eileithea, goddess of birth, who is depicted in the Latians’ coins.

Latos is located between two hills that were set up as citadels. It was perfectly fortified and from there, one could observe the entire cove of Mirambello and the surrounding areas.

The city’s port was Kamara and it was located in the present-day location of Agios Nikolaos. Kamara flourished with the increase in sea trade and eventually overcame Latos during the Roman era.

An important figure for the city was Nearchos, who moved toMacedoniaalong with his father, Androtimos, was tutored by Aristoteles and became a friend of Alexander the Great and an admiral in his fleet.

 Latos declined after its war against Ierapytna and Olounda, which were supported by the Rhodeans, and was destroyed by the Romans.

Visitors of the archeological site today, have the opportunity to walk amidst the fortifications, the temples, the small theater as well as public buildings and be awed by the “aura” of the location. It’s truly a time traveling experience!

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