Sarakinas Gorge

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Starting from Mythoi, a small village 16 km west of Ierapetra, the gorge of Sarakinas, is an ideal place for family walks in nature! It ends at Myrtos village. The gorge of Sarakinas is crossed by a small river, Kryopotamos, which has a flow all year round! The length of Sarakinas not exceeds 1500m. It is a narrow gorge as the walls are 3 to 10 meters (!) distance, and reaching a height of 150 meters. The journey takes about 1 hour and has a very low degree of difficulty.

Important is the rich flora and fauna of Sarakinas gorge. The terrain is spectacular and the cliffs are imposing. In some spots there are waterfalls and ponds for swimming! The gorge of Sarakina, although it is suitable even for children, has some passages that require special attention. Special equipment is not required beyond the mountaineering shoes. Bring a towel, swimsuit and dry clothes, as surely your feet will get wet and you will bend in the temptation to have a shower under the waterfalls.

The locals call the gorge: Gorge of Sarantapihos, as according to an ancient tradition, Sarantapihos giant, son of Zeus, passed through the area and bent to drink water. So his beard tore the mountain in two and created the gorge…

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